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CUSTOMER SERVICE: Troubleshooting box


If the green “ON” light does not illuminate when the device is turned ON

First turn the device completely OFF by rotating the dial clockwise until you hear a click, then try turning the device ON again. Replace the batteries with fresh ones if you still have trouble.

If the yellow indicator lights (1-4) do not illuminate

Be sure the sponges are clean and thoroughly wet.  The hair / skin beneath the sponge electrodes must also be sufficiently wet. People with thick hair may have more difficulty wetting the hair enough to cause the electrodes to conduct.

To test if the electrodes are working

Press the two sponge electrodes together (like an “oreo cookie”), turn the device ON (green light flashing), and while continuing to squeeze the sponge electrodes together, continue dialing up (counterclockwise) until you see the yellow lights illuminate.

If the yellow lights illuminate when you test them but not when you have them in use on your head / body

If the yellow lights illuminate when you test them but not when you have them in use on your head / body
Then the wetness of the sponges / hair / skin is insufficient or the tightness of the strap / headband holding the electrodes in place may be insufficient.  Make sure the strap / headband provides a snug fit.  If the strap / headband is not pressing the electrodes firmly enough, adequate conductivity may not occur.  Press the wet electrodes firmly while the device is on and see if this causes the yellow lights to illuminate. If they illuminate, you may need to purchase an adjustable headband.

Make sure the sponges are replaced every two weeks for best performance

Old sponges may not hold water sufficiently for the lights 1-4 to illuminate. You can buy replacement sponges.

If your device beeps throughout the treatment session, or fails to beep at the end of the session

Replace the batteries.

If, after trying the above fixes, you are still having trouble with your device, call or email us. If we cannot fix your problem over the phone, we will repair or replace your device.

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